Jacob Quality Floors

Your neighbourhood flooring distributor

Jacob Quality Floors

Your neighbourhood flooring distributor

NEW 8mm Plus Series

New 8mm (6.5mm + 1.5mm IXPE) vinyl floors with easy-to-install 5G lock system and 9" width. New patterns available.

Vinyl Flooring

8mm Series

8mm laminate flooring, economical and practical for interior flooring. Study and easy to install. 6.5mm vinyl + 1.5mm IXPE underpad.

U series

6.5mm U-series flooring combines fashionable beauty and durability for indoor spaces. 5mm vinyl + 1.5mm IXPE underpad.

SPC Tile

SPC Tile flooring is a water- and abrasion-resistant, offering beauty and durability. 5mm vinyl + 1.5mm IXPE underpad.

N series

N series flooring provides easy-to-install variety, an ideal choice for interior decoration. 3.5mm vinyl + 1.5mm EVA underpad.

Stair Tread

Stair treads available in 8mm and 6.5mm, in a range of styles..

Trim, stair, and wall

Baseboards & Casings

Poplar baseboards and casings add elegance to any floor.

Metal Spindles

Metal spindles offer a refined, sturdy touch to railings.

Wooden Spindles

Wooden spindles bring timeless beauty to staircases.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panelling offering modern texture for walls.


We are Jacob Quality Floors, your neighborhood flooring materials distributor. Jacob Quality Floors is located in Burlington, in the heart of Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe. We serve Hamilton, Guelph, Cambridge, the Greater Toronto Area, and other Southern Ontario municipalities. We proudly distribute flooring materials including solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and underlays; as well as flooring accessories such as baseboards, stairs, spindles and other accessories.

Jacob Quality Floors is environmentally conscious. We strictly monitor our production and procurement process to ensure all products we carry meet or exceed industry standards for. We assign quality control engineers to inspect and test all final products prior to packaging in order to ensure the highest quality standards. We are proud to offer a 30-year warranty on our flooring products for residential uses, and a 10-year warranty for commercial uses.

We are keen to meet the changing demands of the industry and our customers. Through factive feedback from our dealer network and end consumers, we integrate information upstream to our strategy and manufacturing team, in order to design and deliver new styles of products to better serve our customers.

Jacob Quality Floors has a team of professionals ready to assist you in all your flooring selections.

Professional Services Jacob Flooring

Bulk Procurement Optimization Service:

We offer a Bulk Procurement Optimization Service for our key clients, where we consolidate multiple small orders into a larger order. This enables us to directly place orders with manufacturers at a more competitive price point. This not only helps you save costs but also enhances supply chain efficiency.

Order Consolidation Procurement Service:

Our Order Consolidation Procurement Service is designed to assist key clients in merging multiple individual orders into one larger order. By consolidating demands, we can negotiate more effectively with manufacturers for better pricing and terms. This service not only saves costs but also boosts your procurement effectiveness.

Supply Chain Optimization and Consolidated Procurement:

Our Supply Chain Optimization and Consolidated Procurement Service is dedicated to maximizing your procurement processes. By merging dispersed orders, we negotiate more effectively with manufacturers, ensuring you obtain the required goods at the most advantageous prices and terms.

Procurement Integration Service:

We provide a Procurement Integration Service, consolidating your various client orders into a larger scale order to achieve more favorable pricing and purchasing terms. This service helps optimize your supply chain management, delivering greater competitive advantages for your operations.

Customized Bulk Procurement Solution:

We tailor Customized Bulk Procurement Solutions for you, aggregating scattered orders into a larger purchasing plan. Through centralized procurement, we engage with manufacturers more efficiently, securing competitive prices and terms that result in tangible cost benefits for your business.

Vinyl Flooring